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Earning A Living Online

First, let’s get this straight. I’m no guru! I’ve never made a million dollars a year online, heck, I’ve never made half that in a year online.

However, I don’t do videos, I don’t want to be a media personality (hence the gravatar). I  haven’t the time nor motivation to earn a million plus per year online. I’m actually quite comfortable being at an average $1K to 2K per day for our combined efforts online (myself & my wife) while still slogging away at careers we love!

I like to play tennis 3 or 4 times a week, play golf, go to the beach and sell insurance (the ultimate MLM)! I’ll be 60 next year, I just had grandchildren so I have to set aside time to hang with my grandkids and watch them grow up.

If you’re looking for Guru’s here are the best when it comes to breaking down earning money online:

I have incorporated many things from their webinars and training into my IM and affiliate marketing endeavours.

Welcome AICWEBMASTER Team Build Members

This is entrance to the members-only website for my personal business associates. It provides access to the tools & support needed to start, build, maintain, grow, & succeed in an online business.

Go to: PMS | T1DT | theMatrix | LB4C

I consider a core businesses to be ones that provide RESIDUAL INCOME. Do the work once, get paid in perpetuity. It’s said compound interest is the miracle of finance, I disagree – residual income is the miracle!

My main money earner since 2017! The Prosperity Marketing System is the game changer to quickly and easily:

  • Build your list
  • Build your primary business
  • Build multiple downlines of YOUR choice
  • Learn the best marketing strategies

The part that really makes it stand out though is the fact that even if someone says no to your primary business, they will be paying YOU a monthly fee to brand the system for their own business. Either way, you benefit! Checkout the $100K per Month Income Plan!

I joined this opportunity in 2021 just prior to my insurance business summer recertifications and AEP. Totally forgot about it! March 31, 2022 last day of OEP I read an email from the team I joined to promote this op. I go and have to spend a ton of cash for pre-made lead capture pages and the autoresponder someone else chose. Thought I could do better. Paid for itself in 30 days! Simply join The1DollarThing through any team link & prepay your first year ($16) and you’re on the team!

    Our team build:

  • Runs On Auto-Pilot
  • Ready-Made Lead Capture Pages
  • Use ANY AutoResponder
  • Customizable 20-Day Email Campaign
  • Upline Promotes with You!
  • No upgrades, nothing else to buy
  • And More…

I have been a member of since it’s inception in 2008. Free and Pro members alike have always been impressed with all the values that it offers to its members. These are the things you can do with  LeadsLeap:

  • Advertise free and get quality targeted traffic.
  • Make money from its PPC program. (No website needed.)
  • Write reviews and get SEO traffic. (Again, no website needed.)
  • Use its link tracker to check if I’m getting real visitors or bot traffic. (This is my favourite.)
  • Build your own list for free.
  • Create professional landing pages for free.
  • Create stunning popups for free.
  • And much more…

Because of it’s ease and sophistication, I use LeadsLeap for all of my team builds!

Give this program a try. It’s free anyway.

Getting Paid to Build Your List!

For our purposes here, list building is simply a way of organizing customer contact information so it can be used to communicate quickly and easily. It can be emails, texts, followers, users, members, etc.

List building works because people on the list are interested in your business or have already purchased.

If you currently don’t have page builder and autoresponder account, please click here to learn about the basics of list building. I really don’t cover that here and ~IMO~ Ellie Murphy has written the best blog post and runs the best website dedicated to list building.

If you have an autoresponder and page builder accounts somewhere, then this information is for you. I’ll show you how to turn your list building activities into automatic daily cash.

Just complete the form below to learn my strategies and the tools I use to get paid while building my lists!

Your information will not be sold, traded or leased. It’s completely secure!

Matrix Plans

Of all MLM compensation plans, the forced matrix model is probably the simplest to understand.

The basic matrix model involves two size factors, A x B.

A is your frontline and is the number of levels wide your matrix is. It is comprised of members you personally refer to your plan.

B is also a number and is the number of levels deep your matrix is. Some compensation plans cap this number, others don’t.

Fixed Matrix Model

This type places limitations on your standard matrix, usually in the form of size restrictions. Typically, there will be a cap in the form of A x B so as to trigger a cycle event.

A cycle is what happens when the matrix fills up and typically involves the person at the top of the matrix ‘cycling’ out and being rewarded with a commission payment.

After cycling the member is then placed into another existing matrix within the company, or at the top of a new fixed matrix. From here the member attempts to fill up the matrix again for another commission payout.

Fixed matrices are usually capped at small numbers (2 x 3 or 2 x 2 are quite common) so as to reward regular commission payouts for those who mass recruit into the business.

Due to the nature of the fixed model it is commonly affected by what’s called spillover.

What is spillover?

When you join an MLM company with a fixed matrix compensation plan model, you’re placed at the top of a new matrix. This matrix however is a branch of your upline’s matrix, which in turn is a branch of their upline.

Spillover is what happens when someone above you in a parent matrix fills up a spot on their matrix which corresponds to a spot in your downline on your matrix.

Say for example you’re on the frontline of your uplines fixed matrix and your upline fills their frontline. The next level down (the frontline of your matrix) can then be filled over time by the recruiting efforts of your upline as they fill up the other levels of their own matrix.

Here’s an example:

In the above matrix you can see how your own matrix fits in with that of your upline. For spillover to occur, let’s say your upline has filled their frontline (spots A and B), which you are on.

You directly recruit someone to spot C and then your upline manages to recruit another member. Due to your frontline being on their matrix spot D is filled via your upline. Spot D being filled affects both your own frontline and the matrix of your upline.

This affect is called spillover and requires no effort on your part to fill a spot on your own fixed matrix.

Adapted from

Matrix plans have exploded all over the web!

Some have been around for years and some go bellyup after a few weeks. How do you delineate the diamonds from the many pieces of coal?

Got me! But the approach I use has enabled me to generate an additional $50K plus per year over the last 3 years. The pandemic helped, now we have inflation!

Whether you’re looking to make cash or you’re looking to HODL some cryptocurrency, token or NFT – done correctly, you can use matrix plans safely and profitably.

For more information, please complete and submit the form below!

Your information will not be sold, traded or leased. It’s completely secure!

PassUP Compensation Plans

Passup qualification plans force a member to loose some of the people they refer to their parent (sponsor or referrer). These plans are especially good for programs where the sponsor is encouraged to help the member get started by “coaching” them through or even handling their first few sales. The new members that are passed up to the parent then form what is called pay legs for that parent. A member you sponsor that is passed up is referred to as your Qualifier.

These are my second favorite form of MLM compensation plans in that, you’re basically required to help those you sponsor, get their initial referrals. .

I prefer those plans that have a limited number of qualifier sales, three and you’re free as they say. Though the ones that have infinite pass-ups can also be lucrative, AIOP is a prime example.

The best thing about these plans are they usually have low initial entry which makes breakeven and profit easily attainable.

For more information, please complete and submit the form below!

Your information will not be sold, traded or leased. It’s completely secure!
List Building

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Internet Business Tools

Internet Business Tools

I use Sundays to send broadcasts to my team build members. But unlike most IMers, I don't use these to send ads, they are team strictly news-related. One such broadcast today resulted in 2 downline members requesting information about my internet business tools. Email...

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