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“We all wish we could plant dollar bills and grow an unlimited amount of money while sitting back doing nothing. All I will say is good luck with that money plant.

This is actually one of the biggest reasons people fail. They see promises of easy riches for doing very little work at all when the truth is there are no easy way to make money online. Here is the usual scenario, see if you can relate to it.

You see a program online that looks fantastic, it promises you overnight success, in fact there’s hardly any work involved at all, this program looks so good you decide to buy it. Only to find there is a ton of work involved and things were not as easy as you thought, so you give up.

The next day another offer lands in your inbox and the whole process starts again, and again, and again…

This is a terrible cycle people find themselves caught up in, they chase the dream of easy riches and will buy into almost every program that is put in front of them. If you find yourself in this situation you need to stop as you are doing yourself more harm than good.” By John Thornhill


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