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About aicwebmaster

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About aicwebmaster

Born in England, moved to the US 18 months later. I’m a British expat who has spent the majority of my life in the United States.

I graduated from a major Southern US university with a business degree, though I majored in tennis.

I returned to Europe and spent two and a half years on the Challenger Tour, before returning to England and working in the family banking business.

I relocated back to the US in 1998 and chose to stay in Southwest Florida. Found a wonderful with children, married her, adopted them. Settled into our life of her selling luxury real estate and me building a web development/affiliate-internet marketing company.

Sold out in 2017 and retired. Saw Bitcoin go to $18K (took some profits) in 2018 and contracted cancer. Since retirement obviously wasn’t for me, I started a career in personal lines insurance as a broker.

March 2020 the world shut down! I fought cancer (kicked it’s ass), revamped my insurance business, and returned to the affiliate/internet marketing arena.

Since I never had a million dollar year (or a half million dollar year) in affiliate/internet marketing, that’s my goal!

The easiest way to meet that goal is via network/referral marketing augmented by affiliate marketing. The only way to succeed in referral/network marketing is by being a supportive upline. To that end, I’ll be doing Team Builds and providing my referrals with free list building/marketing tools to make them successful.


In other words; “I make money, when my downline makes money!

To Your Health & Wealth!

Rich Smith

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