7DollarClub  Funnel Setup Instructions

These are the instructions for setting up your rebrandable 7DollarClub funnel.

Step One: Setup a new list in your LeadsLeap list manager, call it 7DollarClub or whatever you wish.

If you are a LeadsLeap Pro member, you simply need to import the funnel code into your account. View the video below. Funnel Share Code: fGYWxmU

Step Two: Import 5-Day Email Series

If you’re a LeadsLeap Free member, please follow the instructions below.

1. Import Lead Capture PageShare codes: TGVMzWwU | TVnbVGwU | TVbwwckU | TVvWfVZZU

You may customize these as you like. Change backgrounds, fonts, phrasing, etc.

2. Import Redirect PageShare code: TGVmwZmU

Be sure to change the links under Join These Platforms to your affiliate links. Under Free Promotion & Low-Cost Promotion, you may use whatever programs/services you wish to promote.

3. Import PopupShare code: VMWNVfVwu

Be sure to change the link on the large button to point to your www.7DollarClub.net/username page.

Stay updated on new funnels & designs as they are released.
This is a broadcast email not a newsletter you’ll only be contacted about new funnels or designs.

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